Module  Video presentation


Introduction slides

Module 1. Immigration Points Based System

DMU Module 1 Immigration Points Based System slides

Module 2. Frontiers Worker Permit Scheme 

DMU Module 2 Frontier Workers Permit slides

Module 3. Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS)

DMU Module 3 SAWS slides

Module 4. Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS)

DMU Module 4 Youth Mobility Scheme slides

Module 5. EU Settlement Scheme

DMU Module 5 EU Settlement scheme slides

Module 6. Refugees and asylum seekers

DMU Module 6 Refugees and Asylum Seekers slides

Module 7. Employing local labour

DMU Module 7 Local Labour slides

Module 8. Labour pool

DMU Module 8 Labour Pool slides

Module 9. Impact and risks of new immigration system

DMU Module 9 Impact and Risks slides

Module 10. Right to work checks

DMU Module 10 Right to Work Checks

*The advice contained in these modules is correct as of 18th June.  It does not take into any Government guidance following this date.